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Precautions For Glue Used In Quartz Stone Interface Source:  New Classic Series EU Standard Quartz Stone     Newstime:  2019-08-14 11:51:56     person browsing

Here is Blue Color Synthetic Stone Wholesaler talking about precautions for glue used in quartz stone interface.

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Quartz Stone Slab has not only become the new favorite of people's home aesthetics, but also used in family space, and is increasingly used in various large public places. For quartz stone processing, splicing can be said to be difficult and important, and what kind of splicing method is possible. It does not affect the overall aesthetics, so it is difficult. The following quartz stone manufacturers explain the precautions for the glue used in the quartz stone interface!

Quartz Stone Slab

Quartz Stone Slab

Before splicing, check whether the splicing surface of the splicing plate is straight and anastomosis. If the interface is not flat, the splicing will show the glue marks, which will affect the quality of the splicing and the seamless perfection. A simple way to ensure the interface is to match the two blocks to be spliced on the same plane, so that the two sides to be spliced are as close as possible, fixed with F clamps, and then fixed in the appropriate position with the positioning guide. By cutting the two sides to be spliced, a flat and uniform interface can be obtained.

Pour the prepared glue evenly on the joint interface, the amount of glue accounts for more than 1/2 of the gap, and then fasten the spliced board surface with F clip or A clip as soon as possible, and carefully check the splicing when tightening. If the surface is flat, if it is not smooth, it must be hammered higher than the surface with a rubber hammer until the inspection is completely flat. During the curing time of the glue, all fixtures shall not be loosened or moved freely to move the spliced plates. The table may not stand or place other heavy objects, otherwise the quality of the splicing will be seriously affected. After the glue is solidified, remove the excess glue with a grinder or an angle grinder, and then grind it with a sander. Never use a chisel to shovel. Otherwise, it will affect the quality and appearance of the joint surface, and even collapse.

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