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Quartz Stone May Cause Problems Source:  New Classic Series EU Standard Quartz Stone     Newstime:  2019-10-26 10:22:43     person browsing

As a very common decorative material, quartz stone may encounter many problems during use, such as how to clean and crack, etc. The Quartz Stone For Kitchen Countertop Manufacturer will tell you.

The surface of the quartz stone has excellent corrosion resistance to the acid and alkali of the kitchen. The liquid substance used in daily use will not soak into the interior. The liquid that has been placed on the surface for a long time can be wiped off with a rag or water or a cleaning agent, if necessary. The blade can be used to scrape off the surface of the retentate. However, many people tend to be clean or not so detailed, so that the quartz stone countertops are left with oil stains or many gaps and stains. How to clean quartz stone countertops?

Quartz Stone For Countertop

Quartz Stone For Countertop

The correct cleaning method for quartz stone: use neutral detergent or soapy water and scrub with a rag. After scrubbing, rinse with water and dry with a dry cloth. Although the water absorption of quartz stone is 0.02%, it is almost zero, but it is also necessary to prevent the possibility of soaking or leaving water stains.

Therefore, the Quartz Stone For Countertop should be scrubbed in time, and the point is to pay attention to scrubbing the gap between the simple dirt. After each cleaning, you can also apply the furniture wax or car wax in your home to the surface of the quartz stone countertop. You only need to apply a thin layer to add the gloss of the quartz stone and prevent the pollution directly contaminating the quartz stone in the future. 

In order to facilitate cleaning and protection of the gap, we can choose the quartz stone stove slot anti-fouling strip for sealing. This can reduce the oil stain hidden in the joint seam, effectively prevent the gap from becoming black and mildew, and more effectively reduce the daily cleaning workload.

At present, the commonly used cabinet countertops, quartz stone is made of quartz sand and resin glue by high-pressure high-vibration and pressing. The material is relatively hard, not easy to fold and not easy to deform, and good for dirty cleaning. However, it is not long before the countertop of some quartz stone materials on the market will crack. Is this caused by the quality of quartz stone manufacturers? No matter what product will have advantages and disadvantages, or how the price of quartz stone will range from 300 yuan to several thousand yuan? Will quartz stone crack in the end?

Quartz stone plate is a brittle polymer composite material from the physics point of view. It also has the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction. It also has certain mechanical properties such as shrinkage stress, impact toughness and elongation at break. When the material cannot withstand heat. Cracking occurs due to internal stress caused by expansion and contraction and severe external impact.

Table cracking of quartz stone and its causes:

1. Cracking of the center of the table top: subject to high temperature, impact by external force, uneven cabinet or pad, internal damage of the plate.

2. Cracking at the corner: the wall is too tight and there is no shrinkage joint, the two cabinets are uneven or unflattened, and the outer surface is impacted or the temperature changes.

3. Cracking around the Quartz Stone For Wash Stands: no gap is left between the above counter basin and the basin hole, the basin hole is not polished smooth, and the table surface is unevenly cracked due to external force impact or temperature change;

4. Cracking around the furnace hole: no gap is left between the gas stove and the furnace hole, the furnace hole is not polished smooth, and the table is not evenly shattered by external force impact or temperature change;

5, the rear water block crack: the cabinet is not flat or the pad is not flat;

6. Cracking of the back surface of the back water barrier: the glue is not firmly bonded;

7. Cracking at the joint seam of the countertop: When the installation workers are seaming, the seams are not aligned, the glue is not evenly coated, or the solidification is added in the glue or the excess is promoted to make the seams brittle.

The above is about the possible problems and causes of quartz stone countertops. After knowing these, you can avoid these behaviors and reduce the problem.

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