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Comprehensive Interpretation Of The Nine Taboos Of Quartz Stone Maintenance Source:  New Classic Series EU Standard Quartz Stone     Newstime:  2019-11-02 09:23:09     person browsing

Quartz stone uses domestic and international high-tech technology in production. In many stone materials, quartz stone can stand the test of time. Both inside and outside, stone is strong, which is unmatched by other stones. As a new type of green pollution-free building decoration material, quartz stone has been used more and more in the decoration industry, and has a tendency to further replace natural stone, artificial stone and ceramic tile. For places with high environmental protection requirements for building materials, artificial quartz stone is the preferred stone. The price of quartz stone is slightly higher than other stone materials. This can prevent the development of quartz stone, but it is more widely used. Due to the wide application of quartz stone, how to maintain many people have misunderstandings. The following EU Standard Quartz Stone Slabs Factory will come to tell you.

1. Can high temperature objects be placed directly or permanently on a quartz stone countertop?

A: No! Hot pots, hot pots, or other overheated appliances that are taken directly from the cooktop or oven or microwave oven may cause damage to the surface of the quartz stone. Use a pot holder with a rubber feet or a pad on the table.

2. Can I use quartz stone countertops as cutting boards?

A: No! Please cut the cutting board when cutting vegetables. Although the quartz stone countertop is solid and durable, it will leave unsightly scratches and blunt edges. If you accidentally leave a knife mark, you can use a 180-400 mesh sandpaper to lightly rub the surface according to the depth of the knife mark, and then use a scouring pad to process it again.

Quartz Desktop

Quartz Desktop

3. Why should the quartz stone surface be kept as dry as possible?

A: Because the water contains a lot of bleach and scale, the residence time will be too long, which will make the color of the table surface lighter and affect the appearance. If this happens, please use water sandpaper to wipe, and dry it.

4. Why should we prevent strong chemicals from contacting Quartz Stone For Countertop?

A: Quartz stone has long-lasting resistance to damage, but it is still necessary to avoid contact with strong chemicals, such as paint remover, metal cleaner, and stove cleaner. Do not touch methylene chloride, acetone (removing nail polish), strong acid cleaner. If you accidentally come into contact with the above items, immediately rinse the surface of the quartz stone with plenty of soapy water. If you get nail polish, use a detergent that does not contain acetone (eg, water, alcohol), then rinse with water. Do not allow excessively heavy or sharp objects to directly impact the surface: Do not rinse with cold water immediately.

5. How to remove most of the stains and dirt on the surface of the quartz stone?

A: Wash with soapy water or detergent containing ammonia (eg detergent).

6. How to remove the scale on the surface of quartz stone?

A: Remove the scale with a damp cloth and wipe it off with a dry cloth.

7. How to get the knife marks, burn marks and scratches of quartz stone?

A: If the finish is required to be matte, use 400-600 mesh sandpaper to polish until the knife marks disappear, then use detergent and scouring pad to restore the original shape.

If the countertop finish is mirrored, first polish it with 800-1200 mesh sandpaper, then polish it with a polishing wax and wool polishing ring at 1500-2000 rpm low speed polisher, then clean the countertop with a clean cotton cloth. Fine white marks are moistened with an edible oil and a dry rag.

8. Can quartz stone countertops be refurbished?

A: Due to different reasons, the table has more scratches, or it is affected by the long time (1-2 years). Professional technicians should first polish with a sander and then polish with a polisher.

9. How to maintain quartz stone?

A: If you use a Quartz Desktop for a long time, when you feel dirty, soak the basin with water (50:50 = water: bleach solution) for at least 15-20 minutes, then clean the lower part and the surrounding area.

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