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Possible Problems With Quartz Stone Countertops Source:  New Classic Series EU Standard Quartz Stone     Newstime:  2019-12-27 16:50:21     person browsing

It is very beautiful to use quartz stone to decorate the home countertop, and as a green environmental protection stone, the quartz countertop is also recognized by everyone. However, for ordinary families, the price of quartz stone is relatively high, and quartz stone may only be selected for some decoration, such as common countertops. Quartz stone is the hardest of the decorative plates, but there will still be some problems, such as deformation or warping, or the yellowing of the quartz stone countertop, which seriously affects the beauty of the quartz stone countertop. So what should we do? The following Quartz Stone For Countertop Supplier will introduce them one by one.

First of all, the kitchen is a place with serious oil stains. If the kitchen items are not cleaned in time, thick stains will form. Of course, quartz stone countertops are no exception. Although quartz stone is resistant to dirt, it does not have a self-cleaning function. For the cleaning of quartz stone countertops, many people often improper cleaning skills, which causes the Quartz Stone For Countertop to become discolored and dirty. How should quartz stone be cleaned?

The surface of quartz stone has excellent anti-corrosion ability to the acid and alkali in the kitchen. The liquid substances used in daily life will not penetrate into it. The liquids placed on the surface for a long time only need to be wiped with water or soapy water using a rag. When using a blade to scrape off the retentate on the surface.

Quartz Stone For Countertop

Quartz Stone For Countertop

However, many people have some misunderstandings about how to clean thick stains. Most people choose strong detergents and use iron balls to clean up. This operation method is wrong for cleaning quartzite, but I do nt deny that for other items. Such cleaning is effective. According to the inspection report issued by the quartz stone manufacturer, the hardness of the quartz stone plate can reach a Mohs hardness level of 7 at the highest, second only to the hardness of the diamond, so that ordinary ironware cannot cause damage to its surface. But rubbing back and forth with an iron wire ball is not the same, it will cause damage to the surface and scratches. Therefore, the surface of the surface that has been yellowed and discolored cannot be cleaned with a wire ball, but can be wiped with a 4B rubber. For more serious discoloration, you can use dilute sodium water and paint to wipe. After wiping, use soapy water to clean and dry.

On the other hand, the quartz stone countertop is deformed. The raw materials for the production of quartz stone plates are more than 90% of quartz sand and 7% of resin and other binders are cured by vacuum, high pressure, and kiln. Therefore, the higher the amount of resin, the worse the hardness of the quartz stone, the more easily the quartz stone deforms, and the more resistant to scratching (the price of unsaturated epoxy resin is much higher than that of quartz sand, and increasing the resin content will greatly increase the production cost, so quartz stone manufacturers Basically does not increase the resin content). To reduce the possibility of deformation, you should choose a high pressure machine (press), choose high-quality quartz sand, and appropriately increase the pressure during molding to improve the tightness. This is related to the production of quartz stone manufacturers. Furthermore, there are loopholes left in the processing and installation. When connected to the cabinet without pads or pads, deformation and warping may occur. In short, there are various reasons for the deformation of the quartz stone plate. To prevent the deformation of the quartz stone plate, the first thing is to strictly manage the proportion of the production raw materials and control the production. Secondly, pay attention to the symmetrical structure during processing, and pay attention to the conditions of storage.

The above is the possible problems and solutions for the quartz stone tabletop introduced by Quartz Stone For Kitchen Countertop Manufacturer. Hope to help you.

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