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Is Low-quality Quartz Stone Necessarily Inferior? Source:  New Classic Series EU Standard Quartz Stone     Newstime:  2020-01-02 14:03:11     person browsing

Among the many countertop materials, the processing of Quartz Stone For Countertop requires very high technical requirements from the processing master, and due to the different grades of raw materials, the price of quartz stone fluctuates greatly, as low as 300 yuan per meter, as high There are thousands of yuan per meter, and the brand quartz countertops are at least 500 yuan per meter. In general, the quartz stones currently on the market are divided into domestic and imported, and can be divided into cast plates and die-cast plates from the production process. The price of die-casting plate is higher than that of cast plate, and imported quartz stone is more expensive, up to several thousand dollars per meter. Due to different filling materials and production processes, quartz stone plates are also divided into three or six grades. Be sure to recognize when buying.

Quartz Stone For Countertop

Quartz Stone For Countertop

It is worth noting that 180 yuan per meter or more than 200 yuan per meter in the market must be artificial granite or cast quartz stone. Casting quartz stone and artificial granite look like die-cast quartz stones from the outside. But its hardness and reverse osmosis are very poor, and the granite is not environmentally friendly and toxic. The price difference of quartz stone is mainly related to the environmental performance and the size of the die-casting machine, as well as the level of quartz sand used for the filler (the price of quartz sand also ranges from 800 yuan per ton to 2,000 yuan per ton).

How to distinguish them? The following Quartz Stone For Countertop Supplier will come to tell you.

In fact, it is very easy to distinguish. Quartz stone has high temperature resistance. Generally, the temperature below 300 degrees will not affect the surface of the quartz stone, and no cracks will occur. Sheets have the characteristics of thermal expansion and contraction). The granite is different from the cast board.The granite is filled with natural marble powder.The common feature of the cast board and the granite is that it contains a large amount of resin, so it is particularly easy to deform or zoom in high temperature environments. phenomenon. Use a cigarette butt to see if there is a mark. The discoloration is granite or cast quartz stone. Another is to use a sharp tool to scratch the surface. Because the casting plate and the granite are not dense enough without high vibration and high pressure, white scratches and powder appear. The die-casting board will only show black scratches. Wipe it off with a rag! Since ancient times, it has been a price and a price. You should carefully discriminate before buying to prevent being deceived.

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