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How To Buy Kitchen Countertops? Source:  New Classic Series EU Standard Quartz Stone     Newstime:  2019-12-23 13:56:54     person browsing

The choice of kitchen countertops must be careful. The kitchen countertops must meet our cooking needs, be hard enough, be resistant to high temperatures, and be easy to care for. Anyone who cooks knows that the hygiene of the kitchen is the most difficult to do, because it is too greasy, and if it is not cleaned over time, it will be difficult to clean it up. There are many countertops on the market, so how do you choose a countertop that suits you? The Black Color Quartz Stone Manufacturer will tell you next.

First, solid wood

Solid wood has a very obvious characteristic-fast-growing, cheaper wood has a soft texture and large pores, while hard wood grows slowly and is expensive. The wood for the countertop naturally needs to be harder, but because the countertop itself has a large area, if you want to find such a complete solid wood slab, the price is really expensive.

In addition, if the countertop is splashed with water, it must be wiped off immediately to prevent water from entering the wood and contaminating the wood. In addition, the solid wood needs to be painted or waxed before use to better protect the surface of the wood. Even if this is the case, don't buckle the hot pot just after taking it off, or you can directly burn a circle of charcoal print. To put it plainly, although the solid wood is beautiful, you still need to take good care of it. You also need to make adjustments to your cooking habits. Try not to bake it at high temperature, or show it to you in minutes.

Second, natural stone

Like wood, stone itself will crack, and the problem of cracking is very common. Although the tonic can continue to be used normally, it affects the appearance. The surface of marble has a lot of pores, and dirt can easily penetrate into it, especially for light-colored marble, which can be easily destroyed by a glass of red wine. Natural materials are not anti-corrosion. If you want to use natural stone to make kitchen countertops, in addition to closing the surface pores once every two years, you also need to clean them very diligently, otherwise you won't be able to wipe them off for a lifetime.

Third, stainless steel

Stainless steel countertops are cheap, easy to clean, and sturdy and durable, making them common in restaurants. The only problem is that they are particularly easy to spend and they are inexplicably used. And the stainless steel countertops are not thick. 

Quartz Stone For Countertop

Quartz Stone For Countertop

Fourth, artificial quartz stone

Quartz Stone For Countertop is also artificial, so it should be accurately called artificial quartz stone. The principle is the same as artificial stone, except that artificial stone uses aluminum powder, while quartz stone breaks natural quartz stone and then sticks it with resin. Because quartz stone is a small crystal by nature, there is no such thing as a large piece of quartz stone in marble.

The quartz stone countertop itself has high hardness, it is not afraid of scratches, and it is resistant to acid and alkali oil stains. It directly solves the shortcomings of the large ticket countertops made of other materials.

The quartz stone countertops we usually see contain very large quartz stone particles, and sometimes additional broken glass is added as decoration. Quartz stone also has a solid color, very delicate, countertop style without particles. Because quartz stone itself is hard, the finer it is, the higher the process requirements.

The choice of kitchen countertops must be practical. Quartz Stone For Countertop Supplier has introduced so many countertops, and it is still suitable for ordinary families. If you want to choose a good countertop for your home decoration, you can refer to it!

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