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Why Do Most Kitchen Countertops Use Quartz Stone? Source:  New Classic Series EU Standard Quartz Stone     Newstime:  2019-12-09 15:53:27     person browsing

I saw that most of the neighbors used custom cabinets, and the kitchen countertops were almost all made of artificial quartz stone. Why use quartz stone on the kitchen countertop? The following Quartz Tabletop Manufacturer will share some knowledge and experience, so that when you choose the countertop, you can understand more clearly. First of all, we need to understand what countertops are available for selection in general.

1.Solid wood countertop

If you use wood as a countertop, you will usually choose wood with a dense texture and a high quality. Generally, our cabinets are made very long. It is not easy to find complete wood first, and the price is really expensive. Everyone knows that wood is difficult to maintain. Whether it is a whole board or a spliced board, it will definitely crack in the later stage. The flame of the stove is also a great threat, and the water is particularly troublesome. So comprehensive consideration, expensive and impractical, almost few people will choose.

2.Fire board

This is a good substitute for solid wood countertops. In fact, it is particleboard inside, and there are all kinds of beautiful skinning technology on the outside. This kind of plate is generally used in cabinet door panels, and a small number of people will use it as a kitchen countertop. However, there are many disadvantages. First of all, it is not hot, and the hot pot is a hole. Secondly, it is not resistant to abrasion and scrubbing, so most people will not consider it.

3.Natural marble

I believe many people will like the natural and beautiful pattern of marble! But natural marble is indeed too unstable, and it is easy to crack. Rich people crack and just replace it. You can make up for it if you do nt have the money, but you still feel uncomfortable. In particular, marble is also easily damaged during transportation. And natural stone may also have radiation, so it is basically difficult to see someone using natural marble as a countertop.

4.Stainless steel

I believe everyone is very familiar with the stainless steel countertop. It is hard to break it no matter how you use it. The waterproof and oil-resistant diamond body is very easy to scrub. But it took less than half a year, and my neighbors advised me not to choose it at the time, so this kind of stainless steel countertop is more suitable for practical use only, neglecting the beautiful family use later.

Quartz Stone For Countertop

Quartz Stone For Countertop

5.Acrylic countertop

This kind of countertop can be said to have a particularly good effect, and the custom-made even sink can be made into one piece. Expensive aluminum powder, cheap calcium powder. In the end, its too expensive to afford, cheap to buy, poor quality, easy to yellow, not resistant to high temperatures, and easy to crack. So this kind of material is also difficult to see in the market, except for some high-end markets.

6. Engineered Stone Kitchen Countertops (collectively referred to as quartz stone countertops)

Most cabinet manufacturers now only provide quartz stone countertops, or some will provide stainless steel countertops. It is enough to prove the wide application of quartz stone in kitchen countertops, because it is high in hardness, not afraid of scratches, and secondly resistant to acid and alkali and oil. Secondly, its color selection can also be diversified. Stone particles range from rough to delicate, white and black, and even a variety of other colors. It has strong aesthetics and high operability and is easy to install. The only drawback may be the interface part, but this disadvantage is indeed acceptable compared to so many advantages.

The above are some common kitchen countertops on the market. I believe that after watching their comparison, everyone knows why most people choose Quartz Stone For Countertop.

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