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How To Distinguish The Quality Of Quartz Stone? Source:  New Classic Series EU Standard Quartz Stone     Newstime:  2019-12-02 17:41:02     person browsing

It is also normal to use countertops during decoration, such as cabinet countertops, etc. Quartz Desktop is a common material. This material is abrasion-resistant, scratch-resistant, and heat-resistant, so it is very suitable as a kitchen material and can be said to be durable. However, the quality of quartz stone also has its advantages and disadvantages. We must understand the method of judgment to prevent the purchase of inferior quartz stone. How to distinguish the quality of quartz stone? The following Quartz Stone For Countertop Supplier will provide you with 4 intuitive small methods to make your kitchen durable.


Quartz Stone 

1: look

The first step is to determine the quality of the quartz stone, such as the surface finish of the quartz stone countertop, because this finish represents anti-fouling ability. If the anti-fouling ability is strong, the surface finish will be higher. You can use a marker to draw a few strokes on the countertop, and then see if it can be wiped clean. If it can be wiped clean, it proves that the stain resistance is strong. If it can't be cleaned, it proves that the quality of such quartz stone countertops is not good.

2: paddling

The second step of testing the quality of the quartz stone countertop is to scratch. The hardness of high-quality quartz stone is very strong. It is composed of 94% of adaptation and 6% of resin, so the hardness can reach 7 grades. You can use a steel knife to scratch on it. If you leave a white trace after the scratch, then this quartz stone is fake. The table made of pure quartz left a black mark after being scratched by a steel knife. So this detection method is very convenient and straightforward.

3: temperature resistance

High-quality quartz stone is very resistant to temperature. Even a temperature of 300 degrees does not affect the adaptability of the material. The detection method is actually simple. You can use a lighter to burn the quartz stone to see if it will stay. Traces, if there are no traces, can generally prove to be high-quality quartz stone. If scorch marks are left, it can basically prove to be fake.

Inferior quartz stone will be deformed at high temperature, and even the surface will be scorched. Such quartz stone will definitely affect the use. After all, the countertop of the cabinet must be installed with a stove, and the temperature will be higher when cooking. Therefore, the countertop should choose high-quality quartz stone materials.

4: acid

Using a spoon of white vinegar can detect whether the Quartz Stone For Countertop is good or bad, but using white vinegar, other aged vinegar or table vinegar is useless. Pour a spoon of white vinegar directly on the countertop and observe it after about 30 seconds. If there are tiny bubbles, you can basically determine that it is a fake quartz stone. This is because of the chemical reaction. The fake quartz stone contains calcium carbonate and will react with white vinegar.

Poor quality quartz stone is prone to problems during use, for example, the surface is prone to scratches, there may be cracks, and the use time will be shortened.

The above is how to distinguish the quality of quartz stone, I hope to help everyone.

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