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Eight Reasons Why Quartz Stone Will Replace Natural Stone Source:  New Classic Series EU Standard Quartz Stone     Newstime:  2019-11-18 16:32:48     person browsing

In the Chinese style of home life, the frequency of use of the kitchen is very high, in order to make future use more convenient, the decoration of the kitchen is very important. In the home decoration, the more cumbersome is the kitchen decoration, every step is very important, the selection of countertops is the top priority, some customers are hesitant between quartz stone and other stone. I think the effect is almost the same. If you choose quartz stone countertops, you might as well choose other stone, like natural stone. In fact, customers may only see the immediate benefits, and they have not considered the long-term perspective. The unique durability of quartz stone countertops is obvious to everyone. Today, the EU Standard Quartz Stone Slabs Factory summarizes the advantages of some quartz stones compared with natural stone.

1. The radioactivity is extremely low.

Due to the extremely low radioactivity of natural quartz sand, the quartzite radioactivity index using it as the main raw material is more than ten times lower than the A-level safety standard, and it is completely harmless to the human body. This solves the problem of most natural stone radioactivity exceeding the standard, and truly green.

2. High density.

Quartz stone has high density and few pores, so it has strong resistance to penetration, anti-seed, anti-fouling and anti-freeze, and it is easier to take care. The water absorption of quartz stone is almost zero, so it will not cause wet and frostbite in winter. Water spots, no alkali, rust, and no need for regular maintenance like natural stone, can save high maintenance costs, but also save a lot of trouble.

3. High UV resistance.

UV-resistant substances are added to the quartz stone binder, and its UV resistance is comparable to that of natural stone.

4. High texture.

Quartz stone not only has the characteristics of strong natural stone, clear texture, natural and generous, but also contains the organic matter of binder, which makes the appearance of quartz stone round, removes the impression that natural stone is cold and hard, and the color is more diversified. The division offers more design inspiration, and the space for personalized decoration is also broader. The Quartz Stone For Hotels can improve the grade and provide customers with a more elegant environment.

Quartz Stone For Hotels

Quartz Stone For Hotels

5. Product replacement is rapid.

The variety of colors and colors, the upgrading of products is fast, fully in line with national environmental protection requirements, the price is moderate, the prospect is very broad, and natural stone is a natural resource, no creativity, the development space will only become narrower and narrower.

6. High gloss.

Quartz stone completely uses physical polishing and polishing process, but glue, no waxing, gloss can reach 50 degrees - 70 degrees, and the gloss is natural and long-lasting, no special maintenance is needed. The gloss of marble is also high, but regular care is required.

7. High hardness.

Quartz stone is made of quartz sand with extremely high hardness. The product has a Mohs hardness of 7 and a hardness higher than that of marble, which reaches the hardness level of natural granite.

8. Large area paving without color difference.

It adopts industrialized numerical control standard production, rich in raw materials, uniform quality, fast supply, can meet the one-time supply requirement, and the finished product quality and performance are consistent; while natural stone is difficult to unify the color quality on a large scale, the application range is limited by the uncertainty of color and color. It is difficult to solve.

The above is the advantage of quartz stone, I hope to help everyone. In addition, if you have a demand for quartz stone, you can contact us, we can provide you with a variety of quartz stone including Quartz Flooring Tile For Public Buildings, welcome you.

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