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Quartz stone is a super-hard environmentally friendly composite material produced using the world's most advanced technology. It is made up of 93% natural quartz and 7% mineral pigment resin and other additives. The excellent performance of quartz stone is that it greatly increases the hardness, strength and wear resistance of artificial stone, and it is not easy to draw flowers during use, and the acid and alkali resistance, high temperature resistance and impact resistance are further strengthened. Due to the use of a series of new technologies, new materials and new processes, quartz stone has a wider range of applications. In addition to normal kitchen countertops, for example, Quartz Stone For Hotels can be used for floors and walls of hotels and hotels. The needs of fashion life.

1. Surface: The ultra-hard environmentally friendly composite material produced by the world's most advanced technology is composed of natural quartz, mineral pigments, resins and other additives, so that its appearance is similar to natural granite, and its color is rich and colorful. Vacuum synthesis, dense and non-porous ultra-hard surface, whether it is gloss texture or anti-seepage of various liquid substances, its anti-fouling ability is unmatched by other artificial stone and natural stone.

2. Cost-effectiveness: In addition to its material value, processing value and service value, the value of the product has his added value. The excellent quality is not only reflected in his physical and chemical properties, but also its health, environmental protection and ease of use. Sex (easy to clean, maintenance-free) and its rich colors are all worthy of your full consideration, as well as a variety of colors, such as Black Color Quartz Stone, brown quartz stone, etc., to meet people's needs. And its service life is unmatched by natural stone and artificial stone. Therefore, from the perspective of cost performance, it is undoubtedly your most wise choice.

Black Color Quartz Stone

Black Color Quartz Stone

3. Scratch: The surface hardness of quartz stone is higher than that of ordinary iron, which means that the iron used in the home is not easy to scratch and damage. Please don't underestimate the scratch problem. Each scratch is the soil for bacteria to survive. No scratches are not only a sign of beauty, but also a sign of health.

4. Anti-pollution: Quartz contains a variety of composite materials and ultra-fine quartz powder, which guarantees a high level of microporous structure. The water absorption rate is only 0.03% on average, which means that the material is basically free of permeation, as long as the table is cleaned with water or a neutral detergent after each use, leaving no liquid marks, stubborn retentate (such as tea scale) only It can be wiped off with a cleaning agent and does not penetrate into the inside of the material. The dirt stuck on the table and in the dead corner can also be removed with a knife or a steel ball, which cannot be tolerated by other materials.

5. High temperature resistance: The basic material of quartz stone is mainly quartz. Quartz itself is a high melting point material, so it has a high anti-burning ability. It is the best material for temperature resistance except stainless steel.

6. Non-toxic and non-radiative: The color of quartz stone is mainly formed by mineral pigments. The radioactive problem of natural stone is a topic of concern. Quartz stone is granular before artificial compounding. After strict beneficiation, washing and de-purification treatment, it does not contain heavy metal impurities, so there is no heavy metal problem. It has non-toxic and non-radiative properties that are not available in general decorative materials.

7. Acid and alkali resistance: Quartz stone has excellent acid and alkali resistance, and its corrosion resistance is the best performance in the existing countertops. The acid and alkali commonly used in life are not enough to destroy the countertop.

8. Anti-aging: Quartz contains high-quality compounding agent and high-quality anti-aging additive, which makes it have strong anti-aging ability. Under normal temperature, we can hardly see the aging of materials.

9. Anti-fading: Although a considerable amount of quartz stone is artificially prepared, its pigment is mainly composed of mineral pigments, which has extremely high anti-fading ability. It is not subjected to perennial contrast irradiation under strong sunlight, and it is difficult for the naked eye to observe color. The change can basically be considered as a non-fading material.

The above is the characteristics of the quartz stone introduced by the Quartz Tabletop Manufacturer, I hope to help everyone.

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