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Choose The Quartz Stone Countertop That Suits You Source:  New Classic Series EU Standard Quartz Stone     Newstime:  2019-10-26 14:43:55     person browsing

The most common use in the kitchen is the countertop, so the choice of countertop materials is especially important. At present, the Quartz Stone For Kitchen Countertop is the first choice for the countertop. However, with the change of people's consumption level and consumption concept, more and more people choose custom products (cabinet, countertop) in the kitchen decoration, because the customization can not only meet the basic functional needs of the owner, but also highlight the overall Style, expressing the owner's individualized psychological needs. Especially in the era of overall customization, people will have more and more demand for private customization.


Quartz Stone For Kitchen Countertop

Among many countertop materials, the price of quartz stone is relatively high, and the hardness of quartz stone plate is up to 7 grades of Mohs hardness. Therefore, quartz stone has some difficulties in satisfying individualized production. Owners who have experienced renovations should be very clear about how the countertops should be chosen to suit them best. The Quartz Stone For Kitchen Countertop Manufacturer will tell you.

1, choose to buy their own sheet metal processing, this is more troublesome, you need to buy the board, look for the processing master installation. In the later stage, once the problem occurs on the countertop, it is more troublesome to apply for after-sale.

2. Purchase the finished product. After selecting the plate, color and style directly in the cabinet store, wait for the installation at home. The drawback is that the cabinet store style is regulated and cannot meet the individual needs of the owner.

3, private custom, according to the space of the kitchen to find a designer to design and sample, confirm the design map and wait for installation at home. Private customization is generally charged in accordance with Yanmi, which includes design fees, cabinet fees, countertop fees, installation fees, etc. The price per metre is between 3,000 and 20,000 yuan.

In the customization, you should also distinguish the quality of the quartz stone plate, how to distinguish it, there are the following:

1, the hardness is high, the metal is not scratched, and the metal surface of the tool such as a tool can be used as a good plate on the surface of the material;

2, quartz stone anti-fouling performance is good, because quartz stone is specially treated by mechanical pressing, the density is large, use oily marker to mark a few times on the material to stop for five minutes to wipe the traces as good plates;

3, no air holes, is the shape of the honeycomb hole without the pinhole size on the surface of the plate, the whole plate is a good plate within 3 micro holes, and vice versa;

4, the back of the sheet is flat.

5, the board has no cracks, etc.

What should you pay attention to when applying Quartz Stone For Countertop to make the application last longer?

First, do not put the low temperature or hot pot on the table surface indirectly or for a long time. Indirectly, the hot pot, the hot pot, or the other overheated utensils that are taken from the stove or oven, microwave oven, etc. will be given to the countertop. Bring infringement.

Secondly, even if the countertop is boring, insist on the cleanliness of the countertop. Try not to soak or accumulate the countertop for a long time, and insist on the neatness and boring of the countertop.

Finally, beware of corrosive chemicals contaminating the countertops. Normally, even if it is concerned with the prevention of coherent corrosive chemicals involving the countertops, if you are inadvertently snoring, immediately flush the outside with a large amount of soapy water or consult a relevant amateur.

The above is about how to choose the quartz stone countertop that suits you. I hope everyone can pay attention to the above points when purchasing. In addition, if you have any demand for quartz stone, you can contact us, we can provide you with high quality, easy to clean quartz stone, welcome everyone to buy.

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