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How much Do You Know About the Maintenance of Quartz Stone Slab? Source:  New Classic Series EU Standard Quartz Stone     Newstime:  2019-07-05 16:49:26     person browsing

In the process of making Quartz Stone Slab, we fully experience different values, but there may be corresponding problems when using it. Then we should listen to the quartz stone manufacturer in the process of maintaining quartz stone slab. So, how to maintain it?

For kitchen cleaning, the most headaches are soot and water stains. So if these traces appear, we can use a rag to clean the Quartz Stone For Kitchen Countertop, but should also ensure the dry surface of the quartz stone, which is the easiest way to clean, and is often used for quartz stone maintenance.

Quartz Stone Slab

Quartz Stone Slab

So what methods should we use to clean out if there is oil pollution? Quartz stone manufacturers tell you that you should not use a wire ball or a shovel to scrape during cleaning. Scratching back and forth will cause scratches. Use a soapy water or a neutral detergent to disable potent detergents.

Of course, when you are in contact with outside mistakes, you should also consider the temperature of the external error. The hot pot and other overheated appliances that are removed from the microwave oven may cause damage to the surface of the quartz stone.

The above is the relevant suggestions from the quartz stone manufacturer. I hope everyone will watch it carefully and learn more about it to make our kitchen more beautiful.

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