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9 Big Things You Must Know When Buying Interior Wall Paint Source:  New Classic Series EU Standard Quartz Stone     Newstime:  2019-06-27 14:21:40     person browsing

Here is Engineered Stone Kitchen Countertops exporter talking about 9 big things you must know when buying interior wall paint.

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The use of paints occupies a large part of the home decoration. Good paint can make up for the defects of the previous decoration and improve the quality of the decoration. The inferior paint will affect the overall decoration effect, so choose a good home decoration interior wall paint is very necessary.

Engineered Stone Kitchen Countertops

1. product packaging identification

Qualified coating product packaging must include the following: registered trademark; product model and Chinese name; product standard number (including type and quality grade); net content; manufacturer name and site; production date and batch; effective storage period (shelf life) Product certification; brief instructions and precautions. Pay attention to see these contents when purchasing, and identify whether it is a genuine paint.

2. product quality inspection

In addition to complying with the technical requirements of GB/T9756-2001 "Synthetic Resin Emulsion Interior Wall Coatings", it must also meet the requirements of various indicators in the National Mandatory Standard GB18582-2008 "Limits of Hazardous Substances in Interior Finishing Materials Interior Wall Coatings". . Harmful substances in interior wall paint can cause pollution to the indoor environment and affect people's health. Products marked with the words "anti-formaldehyde, anti-bacterial antibacterial" should also meet the requirements of various indicators in JC/T1074-2008 "Indoor air purification function coating material purification performance", which specifies such functional coatings. The purification efficiency of formaldehyde is 75%, and the purification effect is 60%.

3. view inspection report

The technical indicators can directly reflect the quality of interior wall coatings. The main indicators are contrast ratio (white and light), scrub resistance, drying time, alkali resistance, low-temperature stability, free formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds (VOC). ), heavy metals (soluble mercury, lead, chromium, cadmium). Judgment can be made against the corresponding national standards for selection and comparison.

4. sensory discrimination is good or bad

Good quality paint, no irritating odor after opening, delicate appearance, fullness, fluidity, soft color, high viscosity and uniformity, good construction, smooth and smooth coating after painting the wall surface. The quality of the paint has a pungent odor after the can is opened, and the paint is layered. Only after mixing can be evenly distributed, especially the color paint often has a floating color, some paints have a higher viscosity, but no fluidity, poor fullness, and easy construction. Brush marks are created, so be sure to choose a suitable coating for yourself.

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