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How To Distinguish True And False Quartz Stone? Source:  New Classic Series EU Standard Quartz Stone     Newstime:  2019-04-03 15:45:35     person browsing

Today we Black Color Quartz Stone Manufacturer come to summarize How to distinguish true and false quartz stone.

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Black Color Synthetic Stone Slab

Use the eyes

1. The back of the regular quartz stone will have the code of the stone company.

2. The back should also have lines, because the hardness of quartz stone is very hard, so there should be cutting lines.

Soak with a strong acid

3. Inferior quartz stone will appear bubbles around it after soaking with strong acid.

4. This is a high-quality quartz stone, soaked with strong acid will not bubble.

After scraping with a knife 

5. The inferior quartz stone is scraped with a knife, and powder will appear.

6. High-quality quartz stone hardness is hard, there will be no powder after scraping, and the metal color of the knife will remain on the quartz stone.

Burn with fire

7. Add some detergent and water before scrubbing.

8. High-quality quartz stone can basically wipe clean after burning.

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