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Natural Stone Quality Source:  New Classic Series EU Standard Quartz Stone     Newstime:  2019-03-28 11:06:31     person browsing

The decorative performance of Compound Quartz Stone is mainly determined by the color, luster, surface pattern and the pattern of the stone. 

Colleagues, the stone should not have the appearance of oxidizing impurities, stains, color lines and inclusions that affect the appearance.

Engineered Stone Tile

The hole is generally a crystal hole, or it may be a sand hole or a sand groove formed by dissolving the mineral. The pits may also be flake minerals or 

Engineered Stone Quartz particles. Because they are different in hardness from the surrounding minerals, they are easily peeled off or collapsed into pits during processing, which affects the aesthetics and strength of the stone.

Processability refers to saw ability, polishability, and polishability. The industry requires Engineered Stone Tile to have easy processing performance, and the processing performance depends on the hardness, mechanical strength, structural structure, invisible crack, development degree and impurity mineral content of the stone.

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