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What Are The Advantages Of Quartz Stone Over Natural Stone? Source:  New Classic Series EU Standard Quartz Stone     Newstime:  2019-09-07 15:33:49     person browsing

Find here details of Engineered Stone Quartz.

Engineered Stone Quartz

Engineered Stone Quartz

In our home decoration, most people choose quartz stone, which is mainly the correct manufacturing method of quartz stone manufacturers, so that our stone products have been better developed, which is further better than natural stone, its What are the main aspects of value? Today Double Colors Series Quartz Stone Supplier would like to share with you the advantages of quartz stone over natural stone.

1. High density.

Quartz stone has high density and few pores, so it has strong resistance to penetration, anti-serum, anti-fouling and anti-freeze. It will not be taken care of because it is easy to enter the water.

2. High UV resistance.

Quartz stone has been continuously developed, and some of the added binders are also very healthy. The anti-UV substance is added to the binder, and its ultraviolet resistance is comparable to that of natural stone.

3. High texture.

In the process of production, quartz stone manufacturers can produce according to the requirements of consumers, making the texture clear and natural and generous.

These are the problems that quartz stone manufacturers should pay attention to during the production process. These are the strong values compared with natural stone.

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