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Which Kind Of Quartz Stone Is Better? Source:  New Classic Series EU Standard Quartz Stone     Newstime:  2019-09-02 14:04:16     person browsing

Artificial Quartz Stone is an artificial stone made of quartz sand and resin. His performance is very good, further adapted to our decoration, in the process of decoration, it is not afraid of scratching, heat resistance, and deformation, so the utilization value is very good, but for the thickness of quartz stone, we are also Need a reasonable grasp.

Quartz Stone

Quartz Stone

In order to improve the hardness of Quartz Stone For Hotels, we can further improve the adaptability by injecting new production materials. The quartz stone on the market is synthesized by quartz crystal and resin, and the quartz content is generally about 93%. Therefore, the possibility of occurrence of breakage is very small and relatively wear-resistant.

The thickness of quartz stone is not a criterion for judging his quality. In different decoration, there is a certain requirement for the thickness of quartz stone. For example, cabinet countertops, cabinet countertops can be divided into mat type and pad type, and the choice of pad type can be 8mm or 15mm, all of which are new and appropriate choices.

These are the important principles for the production and selection by Quartz Stone For Kitchen Wall Wholesaler. I hope that everyone will make a reasonable selection to ensure that our use is more excellent, so that our quartz stone decoration will go further and further.

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