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Wedding Room Decoration Must Know The Rules Source:  New Classic Series EU Standard Quartz Stone     Newstime:  2019-06-05 15:06:00     person browsing

Here is Engineered Stone Quartz Supplier talking about Wedding Room Decoration Must Know The Rules.

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The decoration of the wedding room is something that every couple needs to face. Many newcomers want to save time and effort and save money.

First, save the heart and save money

There are quite a few prospective newcomers who have set their wedding date at the end of this year, so from the time point of view, it is imminent to fix the dress now. Because preparing for a wedding is a very complicated and trivial thing, it is difficult for new people to have time to run the market, buy materials, and supervise the project. Even if it is a leave of absence for renovation, ití»s inevitable that the rushing and rushing will be eclipsed.

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Second, light decoration and heavy decoration

The overall design of the wedding room should reflect the festive atmosphere, which is best achieved by soft decoration such as furniture. Tian Xiaoming told reporters that compared with previous years, this year's home improvement market, wedding room decoration and ready to marry consumers accounted for half of the country, they pursue modern minimalist style in decoration, of which European pastoral style is deeply favored. In the wedding room decoration process, it is best to lightly decorate and decorate, and use wood and glue containing harmful substances as little as possible to reduce the poison pollution of the new house. Among them, the general soft decoration is very promising in the wedding room decoration, such as red gauze, crystal bead curtain, lace, flower, plaid fabric, etc. are all excellent tools for dressing up the wedding room and rendering the atmosphere, and it is more convenient for future flexible changes.

Third, environmental protection and healthy wedding room

The decoration pollution of wedding rooms is mainly reflected in air pollution, in which formaldehyde exceeds the standard and benzene exceeds the standard is the most harmful. Although the environmental performance of various building materials has improved compared with the past, since the wedding period has been set, the new house generally stays faster, the indoor polluted air is difficult to completely evaporate, and the groom and the bride prepare for marriage before marriage, busy and busy, rest is not good, the body The quality is relatively poor, and it is easier to make harmful substances take advantage of.

The general home decoration period is two months, which is also the process of releasing pollutants from the materials. However, after the decoration is completed, it must be ventilated and ventilated to eliminate harmful gases. It is best to ventilate and ventilate after renovation. After the inspection, the indoor air is subjected to comprehensive treatment and inspection, and only after passing the inspection.

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