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Quartz Stone Is A Material With Such Excellent Properties Source:  New Classic Series EU Standard Quartz Stone     Newstime:  2019-04-30 10:43:43     person browsing

Here is Artificial Quartz Stone Slab China Supplier talking about Quartz stone is a material with such excellent properties.

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Classic Grey Quartz Stone

Materials with such excellent performance are of course not only used in the kitchen. In other scenes, quartz stone can compete with other original materials. When it comes to Artificial Crystal Quartz Stone Slab, it is often associated with the kitchen countertop. Stone has excellent performance and has received rave reviews in today's home cabinet market.

The excellent characteristics of Classic Grey Quartz Stone can be firm and stable when the kitchen is spliced, and the splicing is not obvious, which can show the integrity of the style. The surface stitching gap obviously not only affects the overall aesthetics but also easily breeds bacteria. Because the hardness of quartz stone plate is second only to natural diamond, the highest Mohs hardness can reach 7.

In addition, the particles inside will collapse, so the edge is rough when the material is opened, and there will be gaps when it is naturally spliced. It is more difficult to achieve seamless splicing. At present, the so-called seamless splicing will not be the same as the original plate, or a glue line can be seen, which has nothing to do with the price of quartz stone and can not be achieved at a high price.

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