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Today we Brown Color Quartz Stone Manufacturer to come to summarize Stone Mining Is No Longer Difficult.

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Mechanized mining stone block system:

The choice of mechanized stone mining system is related to many factors, such as the type of stone, the price of the block, the characteristics of the ore body, the external conditions of the mine, the investment strength of the mine and other factors.

(1) Mechanized marble block mining system

According to Jiuzheng Building Materials Network, due to the characteristics of marble, its hardness is lower than that of the bottom, easy to cut, and diamond bead wire sawing mining is the main means of mechanized mining of marble. A variety of mechanized mining of marble blocks mining systems, mining systems is basically related to diamond bead wire saws.

For example: diamond bead saw is the main sawing marble mining system for the main mining equipment, mainly used in open-pit marble mines; diamond bead saw an arm saw machine combined mining marble mining system, can be used for open pit and sag open-pit mining marble mines, It can be used in cave-type marble mining after supporting special arm sawing machine; combined mining system of diamond bead saw and mobile mine stone cutting machine (disc sand cutting machine), which can be used for open-pit marble mining.

(2) Mining of mechanized granite blocks

Granite is different from marble. It is characterized by high hardness and is more difficult to cut than marble. It is usually mined by splitting, controlled blasting, and sawing.

Mining methods related to beading and beading include: combination of diamond bead saw and bench rock drill, mine for open-pit mining of granite: diamond bead saw full sawing mining system, can be used for open pit mining of granite rock mine: diamond The beaded saw can also be combined with a circular saw stone cutter for the exploitation of open-pit granite mines. High-pressure water equipment combined with diamond bead saws for the mining of cave-type granite mines.

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