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Quartz Stone AB1025

  • Quartz Stone AB1025Quartz Stone AB1025
  • Quartz Stone AB1025Quartz Stone AB1025
  • Quartz Stone AB1025Quartz Stone AB1025
  • Quartz Stone AB1025
  • Quartz Stone AB1025
  • Quartz Stone AB1025
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Aibo Quartz Stone is composed of more than 93% natural quartz and about 7% pigment、resin and other kinds of  addirives. it is manufaceured by high pressure, high frequency vibration, and with high temperature curing.

AIBO Quartz stone slab has many kinds of colors, it is with high hardness,resistance, high pressure resistance,high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance and permeation resistance.

It is widely used in public buildings (such as hotels, restaurants, bands, hospitals, parks,labs,Etc), and home decoration (such as countertop, washstand, kitchen wall, dining table, coffee table, window sill, Etc)

Quartz stone slab is a new type of environmental and green building interior decoration material that can be recycie Used


Advantages of AIBO Quartz:

1.The biggest size can be 3200*1800mm

2.Customized  size  (saving losses, increasing competitiveness)

3.The surface do not have any treatment (non-wax, used is more secure)

4.Small residual monomer (in line with US and EU import standards,food grade slab)


Regular size: 3000*1500mm, 3200*1600mm 3000*1800mm  3000*1400 mm  3000*1200 mm 3200*1500 mm customized

Regular thickness: 6-30mm

The simplicity series consisting of monochrome colours to colours with a small or large grain throughout.Also can with a unique glittery look, made from quartz resin and mirror chips to create the glittery effect.

It is ideal for creating exquisite kitchen countertops and vanities but is also suited to be used as natural flooring, indoor wall cladding, shower walls and many other everyday uses.

Quartz Stone AB1025

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