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AIBO QUARTZ STONE ARE WILDLY USED IN MANY FIELDS Source:  New Classic Series EU Standard Quartz Stone     Newstime:  2018-08-23 11:17:12     person browsing

Quartz stone is made of selected natural quartz crystalline minerals, of which Sio2 content is as high as 99.9%. Quartz stone manufacturers need to remove impurities and purify them in the manufacture of price plates. The raw materials do not contain any heavy metal impurities that may cause radiation. Quartz stone plates are made of 93% quartz crystals and other resins. They belong to the new green building indoors. Decorative stone material.


With the rapid development of China's quartzite production enterprises, production technology and production capacity have been improved. At present, quartz stone has been widely used in hotels, banks, hospitals, laboratories and home decoration in the ground, wall, windowsill, counter, desktop and door cover, and so on. Because quartz stone is more applied aesthetic decoration, so decoration before the need for careful abrasive operations to design a beautiful and generous use of various fields.

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